Som konsult på Tagore får jag det bästa av två världar

Welcome David Hultin, new consultant at Tagore

Accurate, social and analytical – some of the characteristics of Tagore’s newest consultant.

Tagores vd Benny Lundberg

Benny Lundberg, CEO… what is it like working at Tagore?

“At Tagore I think that new employees quickly notice that we create results – but also how important it is to have good relations when we work towards a goal.”

Complex systems – this is how we manage them in practice

The complexity in modern IT systems cannot be avoided – but the complexity can be managed. Here I go through theories and principles for managing complex systems and how we must think in the future to not be overcome by the ever more complex structures of IT systems.

Specify more – this is why system requirements are important

Nowadays when we develop IT systems, we often do this based on an understanding about how the solution actually will be used and how they affect the business and the organisation.
And this is good.

Keep track of IT complexity – as you do with black swans and fat tails

If we want to increase the quality in IT deliveries, we must become better at understanding the complexity and handle our IT system as complex systems, something that is rarely done today.

How to turn a good requirements specification into great results

Have you created a good requirements specification which followed good practice but were surprised that the results were not what you intended? Shared documentation is far different from shared understanding.

Result-oriented and free – the risks with agile working methods

The agile manifesto has been around for a long time and is old news for many organisations. However, there are still many who are about to, or have just begun, to face the introduction of more agile ways of working with IT development.

Hi André Ekespong, new employee at Tagore!

“I wanted to work for a small consultancy firm with both IT-architecture and management competence.”

Hi there, Joakim Kulo, new employee at Tagore

– Tagore is a company that’s built on sound values, openness and honesty.

BI pilot project completed – updated data on customer’s sales and production

The new BI system is now providing the production and the finance manager control over production status and stock optimization.