Anders W Tell – PhD in architecture and business advantages

– I have created a compass which explains what digital transformation is in relation to innovation, digitalisation and digital processess.

Don’t build stable IT systems

Today’s IT systems are often large and complex and it’s hard to predict what might go wrong or how the system will behave under unforeseen circumstances. To try and predict every situation in order to build robust systems is a rabbit hole, so we have to think differently when we design them. What does this mean […]

Well hello, Anders Lundberg, new starter at Tagore!

–  At heart I’m a technician but have gone more towards management.

Tagore is 5!

We are 5 years old, and we want to celebrate with you, colleagues and friends! So we’re inviting you to our anniversary party on October 18. Sign up here!

Benny Lundberg, vd på it-konsultbolaget Tagore.

Debate in Computer Sweden: healthcare must do its digital homework

Benny Lundberg, CEO at Tagore, writes that new, more expensive journal systems can’t streamline care services.

Kimmo Kauppi Altin

Kimmo Kauppi Altin – a new star in project management

Who are you? – Professionally, I began my career as a support representative at Telia’s finance company, but soon became involved in managing projects and have had job titles including: demand analyst, system administrator, system owner, salesperson and consultant manager. Since then, I have been a consultant for many years – both self-employed and as […]

Dennis Söder, konsult och ux-specialist på Tagore.

Well hello, Dennis Söder, new consultant and UX specialist

How did you come to work with UX? – I’m originally a developer, in Lotus Notes and Domino. But I have almost exclusively developed applications for web clients – first as a consultant and after as an employee for the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket. After that, Java became the platform we used and I continued […]

After work drinks with something extra – Thursday 19th April

We at Tagore are inviting some of our most interesting business contacts and friends. Those who get the invite are welcome to drop by for After Work & Tagore Talks on Thursday 19th April. This is a perfect opportunity to meet some great people in a relaxed atmosphere. We will provide drinks and snacks between […]

Kundundersökning - högsta betyg

Highest ratings – here’s what our customers think of us

Here are the answers from our annual customer survey of how all our consultants were assessed on competence, trust and well-being. Customer reviews are at the top level in all criteria.  ‘These are numbers you don’t see at many consultancies, so we are unbelievably proud and happy that the customers like us so much,’ said […]

How do you hire a digital assistant?

These days AI is on everyone’s lips – and it’s one of the strongest powers for change in IT. An area in AI that’s growing fast is digital assistance. It’s a computer programme which, with help from artificial intelligence, performs advanced automised interactions that can receive and manage orders or offer more effective management of systems […]

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