BI pilot project completed – updated data on customer’s sales and production

Easier and faster access to all information about stock status, order points and production data – this is the result of the business intelligence pilot project that Tagore recently completed at a major industry manufacturer in northern Sweden. The new BI system is now providing the production manager and the finance manager control over everything from production status to stock optimization.

The industry manufacturer has found it difficult to extract information from the ERP, which means that inventory status and production needs have not been calculated in detail. In the pilot project that Tagore recently completed, Microsoft’s Power BI was used, and the results were positive.

“We can now extract stock status, order points and production data easier and faster than before. Previously, this was done in Excel,” says Anders Lundberg, who is responsible for the project at Tagore.

Anders Lundberg, Tagore.

The goal of the new BI solution is to provide both the chief financial officer and the production manager at the industry manufacturer with dashboards with relevant CPIs, while the information will be distributed to executives who also need it.

The economic benefit is primarily about stock optimization and not tying unnecessary amount of stock items that are waiting to be delivered, while the sales department needs to be sure when deliveries can take place.

“We want to create an overview of the production status, which in turn must be reported against orders. It is important for the sales representatives to know when they can deliver,” says Anders Lundberg.



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