• Clarity, consensus and courage –
    make the right decision on difficult questions

  • Performance-oriented implementation
    in a complex world

  • People, techniques and processes –
    working together

Strategy is overrated

The crucial element is how we use the data – and that we can use it at all. That’s why we help steer your IT investment for tangible results.

We know that many IT investments fail – both in terms of expected earnings and in financial and human resources. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We make sure to implement strategies in the right operating environment, creating the best condition for your IT investment to achieve its goals.

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Som konsult på Tagore får jag det bästa av två världar
11 September

Welcome David Hultin, new consultant at Tagore

Accurate, social and analytical – some of the characteristics of Tagore’s newest consultant.

Tagores vd Benny Lundberg
21 April

Benny Lundberg, CEO… what is it like working at Tagore?

“At Tagore I think that new employees quickly notice that we create results – but also how important it is to have good relations when we work towards a goal.”

21 February

Complex systems – this is how we manage them in practice

The complexity in modern IT systems cannot be avoided – but the complexity can be managed. Here I go through theories and principles for managing complex systems and how we must think in the future to not be overcome by the ever more complex structures of IT systems.

Turning complexity into simplicity

Companies and organisations are becoming more and more complex – not to mention the market they operate in. This can be a problem for leadership. That’s why we provide the right tools, methods and knowledge to make difficult decisions easier.

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Four things about Tagore


The company was founded on the idea that trust is the key to success for both customers and employees.


We are independent, with more IT knowledge than the average management consultant, and a greater understanding of management and leadership than the average IT consultant.


We see ourselves as friendly fun-killers. We have the insight to balance ability and expectations while also finding the best strategy for a successful outcome.


We are at our best when times are hard – if business is hindered, deliveries are declining and suppliers are problematic –  our services will help.

Questions about our delivery

How can you help your customers – in concrete terms – generate results in IT investments? 

–  We are with you from the beginning to build the trust between customer and vendor, working through problems together. We capture the needs and requirements and pare them down to exact technical options and specifications.

You help decision makers make decisions on IT investments. What do you do next? 

– Experienced decision makers can feel uncomfortable when it comes to IT investments. The uncertainty causes them to make decisions on the wrong grounds and lose control of the process. We have the ability to explain IT investments to executives or board members, giving them control and security.

You describe yourselves as friendly fun-killers. What do you mean by that? 

– Sometimes there can be unrealistic expectations on an IT investment in relation to the customer’s ability. Companies can rarely solve their problems with just a new IT solution. There is an infrastructure behind the technology – an organisation, knowledge or their location in the market. In addition, the customer may not have the maturity to use and understand the solutions. Buying the best e-commerce platform on the market, for example, will not solve the need for changing processes and structure to effectively sell online.

Why is Tagore's independence so important? 

– Independence helps us to ensure that the customer always orders the right things from the vendor. We know many vendors and have a good relationship with them but would never work with kickbacks or similar incentives. Instead, we prioritise a healthy business to be credible in what we do.

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