Benny Lundberg, CEO… what is it like working at Tagore?

“I think that new employees quickly notice that we create results – but also how important it is to have good relations when we work towards a goal. As consultants, we almost always work in teams and then it is important to create strong relationships and build trust to reach a common goal together. We believe that it is almost always possible to solve challenges in different ways and at the same time treat everyone we work with respectfully and tolerantly along the way. It is when things go wrong or are difficult – and how we act then – that we are evaluated by our clients. If we act correctly then the customer usually wants to work with us again.”

Tagore’s consultants stand on the client’s side. What does it mean?

“We make sure to get everything in place for the client to achieve the benefits that the underlying business needs require of different types of IT solutions. We are there to create results. This requires that we are independent when it comes to different suppliers. We have no kick-backs or incentive programs to sell or implement certain solutions and we have a healthy economy in the company, which makes us better independent advisors.”

What affect a consultant’s working day at Tagore?

“We believe that micromanaging is both unpleasant and inefficient – trust is a better tool in every way. And we think well-being is important, it must be fun to work at Tagore. We are convinced that we perform better at work when it’s enjoyable.”

As a consultant, you usually sit at the client’s office – how do you as a consultant notice Tagore then?

“We are team players and it is our collective competence that our customers pay for. We help each other achieve good results for each client. It is easy, even for an expert in an area, to request revisions and opinions about something he or she has produced. We prioritize helping those who ask for help, feedback and teamwork generate new ideas and thus opportunities for new business.”

How do Tagore’s employees notice the team spirit?

“This is noticeable in salaries, among other things. We have fixed and individual salaries but a profit share of what the entire company creates, which is not linked to salary levels. If we do the right thing together, we will get a result that everyone can take part in. There are clear and transparent descriptions of how it is calculated.”

What are the opportunities for professional development?

“We work 80 percent and educate ourselves 20. To qualify for the roles we want, we give ourselves time to get better in different ways and work together with different types of skills development. We understand that there may be tough delivery requirements in our assignments, but this is not an excuse to stop improving. Knowledge is our main means of competition and an important driving force.”


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