Authorization for digital resources

The challenge

Customer: Major Swedish authority.

Mission: Create a permission process for an Identity Access Management (IAM) system.

Information:¬†A larger organisation should reorganise. This project also wanted to introduce and further develop the authority’s IAM system. The challenge was to get different parts of the business to agree on a common process and to meet safety requirements with high levels of usefulness in a complex environment.

The journey

Authorization for digital resources

– Workshops were conducted with representatives from different parts of the business.

– We created a new common approach to working.

– Tagore assisted with the practical work and introduction of an agile way of working to support the team and product owners with prioritisation, planning and follow-up for the IAM system.

The result

Authorization for digital resources

РThe IAM-system improved significantly, and went from being used in a limited extent to being used for the majority of applications in the authority.

– The parties agreed on a common national process that was introduced into the whole business.

– The agile way of working resulted in stable and fast deliveries to happy customers.

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