Architecture for Swedish care services

The challenge

Customer: Inera.

Mission: Realise new architecture for Swedish health services.

Information: Inera’s existing organisation couldn’t create a new architecture for the Swedish healthcare system themselves. On their wish list was the establishment of an ‘Integration Competence Centre’ (ICC), and to enable faster realisation of new services. Tagore lead the work with a new architecture and built the ICC to succeed in this.

The journey

Architecture for Swedish care services

The customer received help with:

– New strategic goals

– Comprehensive control system with new processes, guidelines, roles and organisation.

The result

Architecture for Swedish care services

– Healthcare digitalisation happens faster, saving time and resources every time a new service is integrated.

– Swedish healthcare has a more flexible architecture that captures the requirements of innovation and ensures a faster result for users.

– A management and governance model has been put in place that will ensure that strategic ambitions are met.